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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 27, 2015 11:37pm-12:07am CST

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ready to give it another shot. life or death stunts are more popular than ever, even when they go terribly wrong. are some risking too much to entertain? plus, living the life. on this black friday, how do you snag celebrity styles for less? >> welcome to the studio at 1 king's lane. >> we're with 1 king's lane where you too can order stuff from the living rooms of gwyneth paltrow and jessica alba. tonight designer rebecca moongoff tells us simple ways to therefrom your place for the holidays. hot on instagram. over a million followers fawn over every shot of brock hearn. can he turn online fame into offline fortune? jcpenney's black friday sale starts thursday at 3:00 p.m. get your vaintation code for a chance to win one of ten cash prizes in our $100,000 black
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seconds. good evening. thank you for joining us. unless you have a cute baby or adorable puppy takes a lot to go viral online these days. and the pressure can push certain performers to go to dangerous extremes. when they say they live to entertain, they mean it. my "nightline" coanchor juju chang takes a second look for our series "pushing the limits." >> reporter: in the blooenlg of an eye a routine rehearsal goes
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horribly wrong. >> get him down! >> reporter: illusionist spencer horseman chained, shackled, submerged in a tank of water, attempting to free himself in one breath. suddenly he blacked out. standing by rush to save him. his near-death experience garnering national headlines. >> that magician who had a brush with death -- >> frantic efforts to save an escape artist -- >> reporter: high-adrenaline feats can go wrong. the human chandelier came crashing to the ground. and just a few months ago an acrobat slipped and plunged over 25 feet to the ground. >> given that you almost died the last time, are you about to question your sanity or your iq? >> the show must go on, i'm a performer. >> reporter: high noon in northern new jersey and a crowd is gathering to watch spencer risk his life again. >> give it up one more time for spencer horseman! >> reporter: it's billed as
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completely unscripted and unpredictable entertainment. all to thrill increasingly skeptical audiences. pushing the drama and danger to its outer limits. so it's ats to wonder if his near-death episodes are just show antics. >> four bars go across the top of the box keeping the top closed and a lock on the bars. >> reporter: this is the first time he's attempting the stunt outside. >> physically how do you train for it? >> so i have asthma. so for me -- >> this is the perfect trick for you. >> for me it is a big focus on breathing. >> reporter: risking one's life seems to come with the territory for spencer and perhaps the crucial ingredient for audience hot have come to expect it. >> you used your death-defying video as a marketing tool for today. what draws people to that death-defying danger? >> there's an old quote. people do not enjoy watching somebody else, another human being, get hurt or injured or killed.
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where it happens. >> it's over 25 feet of galvanized chain, eight hardened american steel padlocks, smith and wesson handcuffs, and ankle shackles. >> reporter: as he's being chained spencer begins slowing his breathing and lowering his heart rate. the average person can hold their breath for 25 to 30 seconds. spencer will have to hold his brett for as long as it takes. >> he runs out of air? the consequences will obviously be dire. >> reporter: he begins to lower himself into the water. taking his final breath and submerging his body under water. using two pieces of metal he begins picking the locks. 1:13. already three of the locks have been removed. 1:45. he's finished unshackling his
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after holding his breath for two minutes, he unlocks his wrists, leaving the four locks on top of the box the only things between him and a breath of fresh air. one. two. holding his breath for nearly three minutes, he has one lock left. >> let him hear you one more time! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he begins fumbling with the last lock. worried, they begin to lower the box to the ground. the guys rush to free him from the box. >> you okay? are you okay? are you okay? are you okay? >> what -- fine, fine, fine,
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fine. i -- i feel fine. >> cold? you're shaking. >> paramedics have come over. >> love you, spencer! whoo! >> they're taking him to the hospital. start to make you question are these risks maybe they shouldn't take? >> it doesn't matter if it's undue, they're never going to stop doing it. >> reporter: skeptics saying the mishap was part of the publicity stunt. writing on social media, can we believe illusionists? what people do these days to become famous, lol, great acting. a second brush with death in the span of just a few months might seem hard to believe. vegas-based illusionist criss angel is the master mind of this trick and the supernaturalist multi-city road show, whose kickoff they were in the midst of promoting.
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say you're getting publicity risking a man's life. >> this is not the type of publicity i want. >> reporter: at the coney island sideshow, risk of bodily harm is ever-present. rave alens is the sword swallower. >> let's do it. >> reporter: during the course of a typical show day, ray will swallow a sword about 25 times. >> someone who says that i'm risking my health swallowing swords would be absolutely right. interior internal bleeding, a punctured esophagus, perforated lungs, and death can happen if something goes awry. adam reelman teaches sideshow acts. >> the single most dangerous sideshow is known as sword swallowing. >> reporter: danger is part of the attraction. they start slow with bent coat hangers. when they master that, they charge on to the heavy artillery. >> oh my god. >> reporter: practice makes perfect. can any amount of practice make these stunts safer?
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>> that's it, you're good. >> the body will begin to shut down. >> reporter: we caught up with spencer the day after his water torture stunt landed him in the hospital. so walk us through what happened? >> started to get light-headed, getting a headache under water. i remember opening the last lock but then for whatever reason not fully getting it. >> reporter: what he finds most agonizing is the failure. >> i take pride in what i do. if i fail at one of my presentations, then i fail as a performer. >> reporter: for spencer and others like him, this tango with death is part of the job. isn't this mother nature's way of telling you to stop this act? >> i want to keep performing. i don't want to disappoint the audience. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new brunswick, new jersey. next, how to make your house look like a million bucks. we're learning to shop like a pro with 1 king's lane. he's the face that launched a thousand shirtless selfies.
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from the red carpets to the actual ar pets, celebrities with enviable style are opening their homes so the rest of us can see how it's done. tonight 1 king's lane again shows rebecca jarvis how to recreate those to die for digs at more black friday prices. >> welcome to the studio at 1 king's lane. >> reporter: we're at new york headquarters of online design mecca 1 king's lane. >> no project is too big or too small. >> reporter: cofounder susan feldman and her team are here to teach you how to live in luxury without spending a fortune. >> a beautiful table, i think i've seen a table like this in magazines. >> so beautiful. really when you start to deconstruct it, it's not all that hard to do. everything doesn't have to be so complicated. >> reporter: so uncomplicate it. you can throw a dinner party like gwyneth paltrow, decorate like jessica alba, prep your nursery like cocoa rocha with
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their help. at 1 king's lane you can salivate over celeb homes and shop to live like one. >> people want to live that life. they dream of having a home that looks like that. you can show up at 1 king's lane and see exactly how it is you would put it together. one of the things we've done is really i would say democratize design. >> reporter: want that artwork from cocoa rocha's nursery? it's yours. for $95. a console table like jessica alba's? $149. >> gwyneth paltrow was another one. >> yeah, when she launched her first cookbook, that was so much fun. we worked with her to set a dinner table how she envisioned it and then the next day exactly what was on her table was for sale on 1 king's lane. so you could have a table that looked just like hers for her dinner party. >> just like what gwyneth wants you get. sounds like fun. >> jimmy: cofounder susan feldman and her team travel the
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most unique finds. then put them all together, along with the chic-est new objects from thousands of different vendors, and take the guessing game out of how to fashion that perfect room. >> we've given people access to product that they might not otherwise have been able to find or get their hands on. >> reporter: launched in 2009, 1 king's lane now has an active community of over 12 million online members and is estimated to be worth nearly $1 billion. here at the 1 king's lane studio, you can now shop the products in the flesh. >> it's a space where you can come and, you know, walk around, be inspired, see what we're loving on the site. >> your own personal stylist right here. >> right here. and for free. they're here to hold your hand and guide you through that journey which we know can be very overwhelming and intimidating. >> reporter: style director alana frankel takes us behind
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mega-transformations begin. dream spaces curated for every style and budget, mixing and matching over 80,000 pieces into magazine-worthy spreads. >> this set alone will probably change over four to five times. it can go from a bedroom to a kitchen to a living room. this bedroom will soon become a living room for holiday. >> reporter: and lo and behold a couple hours later -- it's full-on christmas season. >> wow, complete makeover. >> do you believe it? >> i can't, actually. >> reporter: they gave us an inside look at their latest modern makeover, the brooklyn apartment of new york fashion designer rebecca minkoff. >> we had a 2-year-old, keep it simple, no knick-knacks. we didn't really decorate, if you will. >> what are you hoping they will do to your apartment? >> i'm hoping it will still be kid-friendly, colorful, it will be that casual elegance where we
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feel comfortable but it's an elevated look from what we had before. >> we took out basically everything in the living room, we updated it. >> reporter: alex reid, 1 king's lane's head designer, leading the transformation. taking her home from this to this. >> this is the new digs, what do you think? >> i love it. >> pretty much everything in this space is brand new. do you set the table like this every night? >> every night it is set this per perfectly. no. >> reporter: just moments after the look is completed here, it's here on the 1 king's lane website. where everything in rebecca minkoff's living room can be yours right down to the 20-inch bonsai tree for 35 bucks. and everywhere you look, alex has handy tips you can incorporate into your own home. tip one, build gallery ledges. >> i see you have the wall. >> yeah, the gallery ledges. doing a gallery ledge, it's a great way to actually put together groupings of personal photographs, personal pieces. always evolving, always
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changing. and easy to display. no holes. >> reporter: tip two, go light on the carpet and avoid patterns. >> the old rug that was in here was dark, dark gray. and a little tired. so to update it we brought in this great moroccan fluffy, fun, kid-friendly, bright rug which the floors are dark so it brightens up the space. >> reporter: finally, overhaul your seating plan. >> we resituated the floor plan to make it more conversational. we cozied it up for entertaining and just hanging out. this is where a real family lives. it can be in a magazine but it also can be everyday. >> reporter: this magazine-worthy home isn't just for the rich and famous anymore. great design can be anyone's domain. >> it's very much our style. casual but a bit of elegance to it. so it's perfect.
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final hi tonight, the very handsome man you're about to meet is having a very 21st century problem. he's a monster hit on instagram. now he was to get off your phone and onto the big screen. abc's nick watt takes a second look at what it takes to become a certified hunk 2015 style for
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our "nightline" series "social stars." >> reporter: this man bun twist and smolder launched the online phenom that is brock o'hearn. >> i kind of just ran with it. i didn't put any thought into it. >> reporter: instagram, 1.4 million followers and gushy comments like, drooling. are you jesus? sexy hands. please. >> your hands are like anyone else's. >> they're kind of big, big hands. >> reporter: and the hair is otherworldly. that? >> a few things different. i bought moroccan oil on the drive over. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> i don't, actually, no. >> why not? >> i haven't found somebody when i find the right person i'll know and it she'll know it. and that's all. >> reporter: he's samson, thor,
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conan -- the barbarian. he's the fabio du jour. online as in life brock nails those bland aphorisms. >> i'm exactly where i need to be where i am right now, where i'm going to be later today. >> reporter: the 6'7", 255 pound hirsute hunk of hunk of burning love embodies a modern condition. brock o'hearn's been touched by social media celebrity. what now? cursory research of his instagram reveals what his fans are after. shots with other girls. a paltry 44,000 likes. showering, 81,000. with a cute kid, 79,000. abdominal transversals, 94,000 likes and counting. >> i admire that self-confidence. >> thank you. it's definitely something that as far as the self-confidence and belief in myself, it's something i have developed over the years. it's something that i realize is going to be necessary for me to create the future and the
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dream that i have, my vision. >> reporter: today's world to make it, you need unabashed selfie taking and shirtless on a peer level self-confidence. yeah, sponsored social posts can rake in 30 grand a pop. kow does this personal trainer parlay all this into plenty of pennies? >> he is huge right now. tv shows. and movies as well. >> reporter: but new media stars still flock to old media to make big money. today it's brock's first tv acting audition. >> wish me luck. >> you can act? >> i mean -- >> reporter: he'll be fine. acting's mainly about confidence. >> what is the goal? academy award recognition? >> well, yeah, i'd absolutely love that. >> reporter: feeling like a chubby, self-loathing, short, balding half-man. i'm nick watt for "nightline." santa monica. >> it was basketball coach john
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wooden who said, talent is god-given. be humble. fame is man-given. be grateful. conceit is self-given. be careful. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online at it seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on tv but where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely? lucky there's a family guy lucky there's a man who positively can do all the things that make us laugh and cry he's... a... fam... ily... guy! hi, chris. ( breathing heavily ) h-hi, barbara. i'm having a birthday party next week. i was hoping you could come. oh, no! someone peed in my pants!
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